Hire Virtual Assistants & Have Legal Protections

Without Paying The Big Markups

Our team has reviewed every other virtual assistant provider and came up with a way to strip the costs while still providing you with all the legal protections that you need.

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How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Tell us what type of Virtual Assistant you want to hire. Our HR specialists find you the best candidates to choose from. You decide. We then onboard them locally in the Philippines before we assign them to work for you.


Our HR team finds you the best virtual assistants for your budget. You choose who you want to hire.

Account Manager

You have a dedicated account manager who is your direct point of contact in the Philippines.

Legal Protection

We onboard the VA with our Philippine entity before assigning them to you. This guarantees you legal protections.

Payroll & Compliance

Our HR department handles payroll and ensures local compliance in the Philippines. Payroll computation is done together with staff supervision and attendance tracking.

Transparent Billing

No mark-ups and hidden charges. You will be billed with the staff salary and our fees clearly shown on your billing statement.


Staff Salary

What you agree with your virtual assistant for their salary, is the exact amount that you will pay them. 0% deductions and 0% markups.

Service Fee

The Service Fee covers the Account Manager, and the Legal Protections (contracts through our Philippine entity as well as NDAs).

Payroll & Compliance Fee

This covers Payroll processing, local compliance and other associated costs pertaining to staff salary in the Philippines.


We charge a $100 one time recruitment fee to find you the best virtual assistants to choose from. It's 80% lower compared to other staff finders.
Recruitment Fee
Our recruitment guarantee: Within 30 days, we will recruit a replacement for your virtual assistant FREE of charge!
Recruitment Guarantee

Our Guarantee

This is the most cost-effective way to professionally hire a virtual assistant and still get legal protections, compliance, and even a dedicated account manager!

The reason we have reviews of every other VA provider is so that you can make an informed decision.

Remember, there is never a single best virtual assistant provider for all solutions, and we encourage you to explore every possible option before making a decision to use our “VA Finder” service.

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What Is the Next Step?

We’d love to talk to you about your goals for hiring a virtual assistant, walk you through how our VA finder service works, and then together decide if this is the best fit for what you need.

The next step is to fill in the form and schedule a call with an account manager!