Best Virtual Jobs for Retirees

Best Virtual Jobs for Retirees

Many people intend to work part-time after retirement. The good news is that there is a range of virtual jobs available to help them do so. 

All thanks to technological advancements, it is now possible to work from anywhere. 

Virtual jobs allow retirees who want or need to work but still want to enjoy their retirement. To work when, when, and how they want.

Depending on your previous experience and skill set, some of these virtual jobs may be a perfect fit. So, whether you need extra money or are just deciding what to do in retirement, there are plenty of options. 

Mainly work that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

To help you with your search, we have listed some of the best virtual jobs you can try at home.

Career Counselor

If you have a background in nutrition or fitness, you might enjoy assisting others in reaching their wellness objectives. Counseling can also benefit from other types of experience, such as financial or counseling backgrounds.

Career counseling is a service that helps career professionals know and understand themselves and the world of work for them to make sound career, professional, and life decisions.

Depending on the client’s needs, working with them could last from a week to several years. Clients may include unemployed people, people with physical disabilities, and people looking to change or advance their careers. 

If you are good with kids, students and recent graduates can also be your clients.

Duties And Responsibilities:

  • Assists clients in identifying their personal interests and life goals.
  • Assists clients in developing leadership skills and planning strategic career moves.
  • Identifies new job opportunities for clients.
  • Provides feedback on clients’ resumes and cover letters.
  •  Giving clients the opportunity to practice job interview techniques and receive advice.
  • Conducting seminars and workshops to educate individuals who are looking for a career path.
  • Assists clients who want to change careers.
  • Assessing clients’ personalities and skills.
  • Administers aptitude tests to help clients identify their interests and talents.
  • Recommending career paths according to the clients’ experience and education.


A remote editor position may be ideal for retirees who are obsessive about grammar, punctuation, and clarity and have a few years of experience reviewing written content. Some of these jobs only require five to ten hours of work per week. Editing manuscripts and proofreading newsletters are just a few of the possibilities.

Duties And Responsibilities:

  • Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors as you read the content.
  • Rewrite the text to make it more understandable for readers.
  • Verify facts cited in published literature.
  • Examine writer submissions to determine what to publish.
  • Assist writers in making their ideas and stories a success.
  • Create narrative and content concepts under the publication’s style and editorial guidelines.
  • Make room for the text, images, and drawings that go into a story or piece of content.
  • Approve the final versions that the staff has submitted.

Legal Assistant

Legal assistants are often responsible for a legal firm’s administrative needs as well as responding to client interactions via email, phone, and text. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Prepare legal documents such as wills, summons, complaints, responses, and witness summons.
  • Draft trial materials, such as documents and evidence, and verifying factual information.
  • Research and compile information to help the assigned Lawyer strengthen a case.
  • Keeping in touch with lawyers and clients to keep everyone informed.
  • Assist attorneys during trials by preparing documents, fact-checking, preparing evidence for presentation, and tracking case developments.
  • Accounting and billing assistance.
  • Coordinating appointments, including all necessary correspondence and logistics
  • Studying case law relevant to the firm’s area of practice.

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Working as a consultant is another way for retirees to put their decades of experience to use. It is the best virtual job for someone who works with businesses to assist and resolve problems. Consultant positions are available in various fields, including human resources, finance, high-tech, and others.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct research, surveys, and interviews to gain a better understanding of the business.
  • Analyze statistics.
  • Identify problems and look for solutions.
  • Consider the benefits and drawbacks of various strategies.
  • Compile and presentation of information orally, visually, and in writing.
  • Make recommendations for improvement, test them with computer models, and report findings to the client.
  • Implement agreed solutions.
  • Create and implement new procedures or training.

Insurance Claims Adjuster

If you have worked in insurance adjusting before, you might be able to turn that experience into a full-time profession. It is one of the best virtual jobs you can do from home. 

On behalf of an insurance company, claims adjusters investigate insurance claims to determine the extent of liability. To assess the amount of money paid out, they examine houses, offices, autos and interview claimants and witnesses.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Examine the situation to see whether there has been any damage to the property or if there has been any physical injury
  • Get information from a variety of sources, including police reports.
  • Prepare reports for Claims Examiners to use.
  • Examine any claims that appear to be false.
  • Seek advice from professionals such as lawyers, engineers, architects, and physicians.
  • Compile reports on the findings of the investigation.
  • Assist lawyers and other experts in defending the company against lawsuits.

HR Coordinator

A human resources coordinator’s responsibilities include sourcing individuals, evaluating possible candidates, reviewing resumes, conducting phone interviews, and doing background checks. It is the best virtual job for someone with experience in human resources or strong communication skills.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist with all HR-related inquiries or requests, both internal and external.
  • Keep hard and digital copies of all employee records.
  • Assist in the hiring process by identifying candidates, conducting reference checks, and issuing employment contracts.
  • Assist in the implementation of performance management procedures.
  • Schedule meetings, interviews, and HR events, and keep agendas up to date.
  • Plan training sessions and seminars.
  • Conduct new employee orientations and update personnel records.
  • Produce and submit reports on general human resources activity.
  • Assist with payroll and other HR projects as needed.
  • Assist with other tasks as assigned.
  • Keep abreast of the latest HR trends and best practices.

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Retirement doesn’t have to stop you from working. There are so many opportunities for you to try. Your skills and experiences don’t have to go to waste.

The best virtual jobs mentioned above might be the ones for you. You have to try it out and keep on slaying.

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