Top 5 Best Cities for Remote Work

It’s quite baffling to know that we’ve been living under a pandemic for more than a year. Many people have brought up the fact that the new normal has changed how we perceive time. 

A new trend in the workforce is on the rise, which is remote work. Technology has made us more appreciative of how communication is. There has been a significant increase in the rates of employees who are now working from home. 

It is highly likely that this rate will continue to rise up. With this new setup, many workers now actively seek the best place for remote work. 

Nowadays, remote workers don’t have to worry about traffic or tiring commutes since all they have to do is step out of their bedrooms to work. They can wear their comfiest clothes and don’t need to be concerned about suffering from a major wardrobe malfunction. 

The virtual office is a safe space to get comfy and enjoy being safe at home. Many workers can widen their options to work and don’t have to bound in just one place.

Burlington, Vermont

For a skiing enthusiast, Burlington, Vermont, can be the best place to work remotely. The state has granted incentives for employees who are hoping for relocation. 

The state legislature offered grants for both remote workers and people who want to work within the state. They provided reimbursement to help with the cost that has to deal with remote work in Vermont. 

In recent months, the program had already allocated money, but government officials are now huddling around the state to proceed giving funds for the program. This program can really be such a treat to those who plan on settling down in Vermont.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, is one of the highest-ranking sought-after places to live in the USA. It is dubbed as one of the safest cities to live in. Boulder is nestled in the tantalizing Rocky Mountains. 

You can enjoy a sip of your morning cup of tea and wake up to the pretty sights of its plazas while looking out far away as you see the mountains in sight. 

As a remote worker, Boulder can welcome you with open arms since you are guaranteed to enjoy a good crowd. Way before the pandemic, Colorado was already known as one of the best places for remote work. 

This state is popular for people who worked remotely many years ago. A number of industries enjoy what Boulder has to offer. Tech companies, specifically in Colorado, are still booming and thriving. 

Tucson, Arizona

For those who enjoy some warm weather, Tucson is a great option for those who work remotely. It is one of the top cities to live in for remote workers in America. 

Its cost of living isn’t that bad either, and Tucson’s economy is doing really well at the same time. Its economic boom is still rampant even with the onset of COVID-19. 

People who do freelance and work more have their eyes set on Tucson. It boasts a number of co-working spaces where other people connect and gather. 

Tucson is a great place to visit for the artsy types as it is also home to the Tucson Warehouse Arts District. With a view of the desert and majestic mountains, Tucson is ideal for those creative juices flowing. 

Tulsa, Oklahoma 

Tulsa offers a great deal for people who work from home. It initiated a program that encourages yuppies and other remote workers to settle down in Tulsa. 

This amazing program gives more people the opportunity to work in this promising city. It even covers living expenses. 

People can also choose from a wide array of house choices. Tulsa is sprawling with scenic parks and a vibrant art community. 

Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine, has been a mainstay in the best places to live in America. Portland is popular for its scenic views and spectacular coastlines. Those who enjoy nature will surely enjoy the beaches and forests. 

The food scene in this city is vibrant as ever. Beer lovers will surely find delight in the craft breweries that pop up frequently. 

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