How Virtual Assistants can use FlexJobs?

How Virtual Assistants can use FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a job marketplace for flexible jobs. When you say flexible, it covers remote jobs, freelance work, and part-time positions. The jobs posted on FlexJobs are from various companies and employment agencies. These were curated and screened by the FlexJobs team before they get posted on the website. 

Unlike most other job marketplaces, the job applicant will pay the subscription to use the database. This subscription can either be weekly or monthly. Once a remote work, freelance client, or part-time position is secured, the applicant may cancel the subscription.

But please bear in mind that not all jobs on FlexJobs are remote jobs. So a virtual assistant can just filter the job positions and focus the search on remote work positions.

So as an aspiring virtual assistant, FlexJobs can be the best place to start the job search. To help you navigate and use the website, here’s our easy to follow guide:

How Virtual Assistants can use FlexJobs

How to Join FlexJobs?

Before immediately clicking that signup button and paying the membership fee, do the following steps before you get started:

1. Browse FlexJobs’ job opportunities

Check the site’s work database to see if there are job openings that match your skills or interest. FlexJobs then sorts them jobs into 50 categories. Once you find that remote job that matches your virtual assistant skill, that’s the time you sign up and pay the subscription. Only paying members can see the hiring companies and the requirements needed to apply. 

2. Decide the subscription level

Estimate the length of time you’re going to need the paid membership. Then, choose between the four subscription plans — (1) One week, (2) One Month, (3) Three Months, and (4) One Year. Below is the current pricing plans:

FlexJobs Pricing Plans for Employees

Paid membership gives the following benefits:

  • Unlimited access to every job
  • Quick profile process that makes it easier for employers to find you
  • Free skills testing that is marketable to hiring employers
  • E-mail alerts on new job postings
  • Expert job search tips and resources to increase hiring appeal
  • Create a portfolio of resume and work samples to impress hiring employers

3. Register and enter payment information

After paying the subscription, you can now start enjoying the benefits of membership on FlexJobs. 

How to use FlexJobs as a member?

As a new member, there are several steps that you need to complete before you start applying for those virtual assistant jobs you have your eyes on sight.

1. Set up your resume

The profile is the most crucial part of your job process. It is what the hiring people will first see and evaluate. Also, FlexJobs’ automated system will match your profile to new job postings based on what your profile says.

2. Search for Jobs

Searching on FlexJobs database is through its keyword research tool. As such, jobs can are searchable by title or qualification. You can also set the location of your search to cover positions that are local, national, or international. 

You can also tailor your job search with the following additional options:

  • Remote work level
  • Schedule
  • Job type
  • Job Category
  • Job Accolades

Job Accolades will tell you what company is hiring for the position. It could be a Fortune 500, Inc 500, Forbes 2000, or the Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs. As a virtual assistant, the companies looking for remote workers would be on top of your list. 

3. Follow companies

As a member, you can click the “Follow” button at the top right portion of the employer page. You will be alerted when the company posts jobs. In addition, if you have signed up for the e-mail notifications, you will receive these job updates inside your inbox.

What are the other perks of paid membership?

Here are the other great things you’ll get with your paid membership with FlexJobs:

1. All in one place Dashboard

A member’s “My Dashboard” contains all information related to job searches. It also includes the history of all the jobs viewed, jobs saved, a calendar of all FlexJobs events, and remote job trends. 

2. Use of the Learning Center

FlexJobs’ Learning Center provides access to free courses, webinars, guides, and career coaching assistance. To learn more new skills, you can check out some of our carefully curated courses and online training.

3. Up to 50% Discount on a career coach

Members get up to less than 50% of the prevailing rates of career coaches who can help you with the job application process. You get virtual sessions with the career coach and learn effective job application tactics, practice interview skills, and overall job application guidance.

4. Discounts on products and services

These discounts are for purchases with companies like Dell, Costco, Audible, and many more.

Searching for jobs isn’t an easy task. But using a reliable and carefully curated jobs database will only take an ounce of perseverance and a bit of patience before you land on that remote work of your dreams. 

The VA Reviewer

The VA Reviewer

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