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Most of you reading this might be familiar with the Philippines outsourcing marketplace.

For starters, it’s the Philippines’ safest place to hire virtual assistants and remote workers, and by far the most cost-efficient due to the fact you can directly hire virtual assistants (VAs).

However, what you might not know is that has an enterprise service.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing exactly what it is, who it’s best for, and why it might or might not be the right option for you.

What is the Enterprise service?

Do you want to professionally build your outsourced in the Philippines with the help of the countries leading outsourcing experts?

Here’s exactly what you get as part of their enterprise service.

Virtual Staff Enterprise Solution

Recruitment Specialist

The talent acquisition team will find you the best staff in the Philippines, based on what your companies specific requirements are.

Client Success Manager

You can have an expert in your corner. The Virtual Staff Enterprise service gives you your own client success manager who is there to help you make outsourcing to the Philippines a success.

Legal Protections

Get extra-legal protection by having virtual staff onboard your staff/VA’s with their Philippines corporation, before assigning them to exclusively work for you.

This can be really important if you want that extra layer of accountability that you simply can’t really get if you’re directly hiring staff in overseas countries.

Simple Pricing

The amount you pay is inclusive of everything. This includes staff salary, management fee, payroll, and all legal compliance.

Staff Monitoring

You get a client success manager who will track the hours your staff work, and guarantee that you never waste money.

Peace of Mind

You get the full weight of behind you to make outsourcing to the Philippines a long-term success.

Who will benefit the Enterprise Service?

I don’t recommend the enterprise service for everybody. In fact, for many people, you’d be better just hiring a virtual assistant on the regular virtual staff Philippines outsourcing marketplace.

However, if you have an existing business and currently employ or plan to hire 10+ people, then I’d recommend checking out the enterprise service because it provides peace of mind that is undeniably beneficial.

Here at the virtual assistant reviewer, we actually try to use most of the virtual assistant providers we review, this of course allows us to give you an honest review, based on our first-hand experience, as opposed to speculation.

We have had the opportunity to try out the virtual staff Enterprise service, and although we are NOT an affiliate, and therefore won’t earn any commission from this review, we do give it a 9/10.

Our Overall Review: Is it good to hire a virtual assistant using the Enterprise service?

Yes. We highly recommend it if you’re looking for a professional way to build your virtual team in the Philippines.

I would however emphasize that this option is really meant for businesses that are looking to build their team.

For example, perhaps you want one full-time staff today, but your plan is to hire 3-4 people over the next 12 months.

Then yes, this would be a great option for you.

It would also be a great option if you currently employed a lot of people locally, and you were looking to efficiently and professionally replace existing staff, with outsourced staff in the Philippines.

The VA Reviewer

The VA Reviewer

The VA reviewer is an avid traveler, a licensed accountant, practicing corporate and tax lawyer, and an online entrepreneur. He has leveraged his online job experience and professional qualifications to provide solutions to problems hounding businesses.

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