Ways for Finding a Remote Job

A talent acquisition officer by the name of Angie Wesley shared some valuable tips at a virtual gathering with over a hundred fresh graduates and summer interns in attendance. The topic at hand was about securing a job in the virtual era, especially during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. So if you have your heart set out for remote work, then Angie’s tried and tested strategies might come in handy for you. 

Try Volunteering and Doing Contract Work 

While still waiting for a chance to score a position or if you’re actively seeking ways to showcase your talents and abilities in order to get your resume running, Wesley suggests finding ways to help display your body of work, your branding, and your own beliefs. Seeing that it is a remote job you are looking for, you might want to consider virtual consultations or signing up for volunteer work. Nonprofit organizations can be a great place for you to harness your skills and ultimately grow your network. 

Ways for Finding a Remote Job

Update Your LinkedIn Regularly and Show Samples of Your Body of Work 

For Wesley, one’s digital footprint is a reflection of your being. She goes ahead by saying that LinkedIn can be considered as the storefront for anyone who is looking for a job as it is a space for people to display their best professional self. 

She goes ahead by emphasizing that it is not only limited to showcasing one’s work but also engaging in industry-related views and topics by experts in the field with the help of social media. Keeping Facebook and Instagram profile pictures friendly and professional is also another important tip Wesley shared. One must be keen on the type of branding you’re trying to display. 

Networking Online 

Because of the limitations brought by the pandemic, networking face to face has been proven to be impossible. However, it is still feasible to engage in networking online for a job search. Wesley recommended reaching out to more individuals around your network and proposing to meet up for Zoom meetings. 

Wesley stressed that it might be quite a challenge for job seekers to double time on their networking, but with the present state the world is in, people are craving for human connection. Apart from the possible career advancement that it may bring, networking could be a great way to build healthy relationships. When you do get the chance to connect with others, ask them about what it took to get to their chosen field. You might just draw some good advice from their own experiences. 

She shared that the relationships you cultivate in your professional circle might even stand the test of time, as it can even go beyond any position. Wesley said that one must always consider a long-term view when applying for a job. 

Don’t hesitate to become curious, invest some time behind the books, and always stay in the loop with what happens in and around the industry. You have to become extra vigilant and attentive while keeping tabs on what’s in and what’s out. Conveniently, you can ride the wave of current issues and information through works published online. 

Wesley also emphasized that all leaders want to hire people who can keep up with the demands of the industry. This entails being aware of how competitors are and how things evolve. It not only shows how well-versed you are in matters relating to your field, but it also shows how much of a valuable asset you are for the team. 

She also points out that managers are on the lookout for team members who have high motivation. This goes to show that putting extra effort in learning all about the industry and the company really puts your initiative into the forefront. 

The VA Reviewer

The VA Reviewer

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