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Way before the global crisis that is the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to flee their physical premises, work at home has already become such a hit. Almost a year before the initial lockdowns, telecommunication has become a mainstay for many workers. 

A survey conducted by Upwork estimates that the majority of Americans are now working in the comforts of their own home. According to the findings, it is estimated that by 2025 over 30 million Americans will work at home — almost double the rate even before the pandemic hit. 

For employers and workers alike, working from home has its share of excellent pros. A research and consulting firm based in San Diego released a study that showed telecommuting gives workers and employers a boost in savings and productivity. It also helps them alleviate stress, lessens the possibility of being exposed to flus and colds that are easily spread in the office, and ultimately, even safeguards the environment by reducing the number of commutes to and from work. 

Among the most developed and most in-demand remote job opportunities are project management, sales, computers, information technology, customer service, accounting and finance, and marketing. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a drastic change in the workplace had to be done with the way individuals work. Business models had to be modified knowing that remote work can also bring sustainability and new strategies to play around with for companies, bringing improvement in the overall work environment. 

We have compiled a list of work-at-home jobs for you to consider. We also added a short description for each career option so you can really get to know the details of each one. 

Best Work at Home Jobs
  1. Virtual Assistant 

Virtual assistants can be found in numerous industries such as health care, government, legal, and finance. They lend technical and even creative services to help make these industries run smoothly. It is possible to establish your own virtual assistant business for a company that allows you to cater to various clients’ needs. 

  1. Teacher/Tutor 

Technological advancements have given educators and students access to a high-speed internet connection. This new work-at-home arrangement still allows teachers to work with their students. The global pandemic pushed numerous schools and institutions to resort to virtual classroom setups temporarily. Studies show that there has been a rise in the demand for teachers of all year levels. 

  1. Marriage and family therapist

Many marriage and family therapists tend to work full time with private practices. Popular virtual video conferencing apps like Skype and Zoom make virtual meetings with therapists a possibility. 

  1.  Paralegal/legal assistant

Paralegal and legal assistants run many tasks to help out lawyers, like preparing essential documents and doing legal research. Many of these assistants are employed by law firms, but they can also be spotted in corporate legal departments and government agencies. 

  1. Loan officer

The task of a loan officer is to authorize and evaluate loan applications. A majority of these loan officers are employed by credit unions, commercial banks, mortgage companies, and various institutions dedicated to finance. There is an increase in the demand for loan officers upon the improvement of the economy. 

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  1. Social media specialist

Nowadays, businesses need to keep their social media presence more robust. Suppose you have an interest in social media mainstays like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. In that case, you can work at home by using your knack for online business promotion through branding and social media marketing. 

  1. Interpreter/Translator 

Suppose you’re a native English speaker or possess a native-level proficiency in at least another language. In that case, you can get yourself to work at home with hospitals, schools, corporations, courts, and various private and public sectors in society. Interpreters use spoken language or sign language; translators deal with audio or written documents. 

  1. Writer/Editor 

With a reliable computer, internet access, and the right experiences and skill set, anyone who wants to work at home can consider looking for the chance to work as a writer, proofreader, editor, and fact-checker. 

Technical writers, journalists, bloggers, and editors have the knowledge to plan and produce content and submit work on time. Conveniently, you can do all this while you work at home. 

  1. Web Developer

Web Developers design and craft design websites that are used commercially and personally. These creatives can use their talents in industries such as advertising, publishing, computer systems, management consulting, and many more fields. 

  1. Insurance Sales Agents 

A lot of people believe that they can acquire insurance online. However, it is still necessary to take advice from a licensed insurance representative to assist them in finding the policy that best suits them. 

Many insurance companies are working with contact centers where they outsource incoming calls. Through this, they can go into an agreement with the right licensed insurance representative. When you stumble upon a TV ad that shows a life insurance company and contact the number shown, you might be lucky enough to talk to someone who opted to work at home. 

  1. Data Entry Specialist 

A data entry specialist is also referred to as a data entry clerk or operator who encodes handwritten information or printed records into a digital database. The documents involved are canceled checks, bills, reports, medical records, and various data types. 

  1. Medical Transcriptionist 

The primary task of a medical transcriptionist is to listen to voice recordings by healthcare workers and doctors. They turn these recordings then become written reports. Medical transcriptionists can be employed by hospitals, doctor’s offices, third-party services, or even a self-employed individual. Healthcare workers are now making a boom in the workforce of today. 

  1. Graphic Designer 

For those who are familiar with designing T-shirts and logos or utilizing computer software to make ads, brochures, and covers for books, you could while you are at home. 

Many websites allow you to contact potential clientele looking for the services you might offer. Your earnings will depend on your experience and the extent of the project at hand. It can be one of the most sought-after work-at-home jobs out there!

  1. Software Developer

Software developers make systems and applications that operate on computers or digital devices. They use analytics, engineering, and computer science fundamentals to develop different applications and software applications. Many software developers work for firms that design computer systems, manufacture them, software publishers, and other related services in the industry. 

  1. Computer Support Specialist 

Many businesses like corporations, call centers, and nonprofit organizations pay computer support specialists to work at home. This career has seen a massive increase in demand since many sectors seek computer and software upgrades. 

  1. Registered Nurse 

Lately, people have seen enormous growth in remote health care services. Thanks to mobile devices, telephones, and computers, registered nurses can be part of the workforce that opt for work-at-home jobs. Many insurance companies offered support lines for patients and virtual options to reach needs for patients without the need to step inside a doctor’s office in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  1. Website Tester 

Some websites actually hire people to test various digital apps and websites. These website testers then share their feedback and can be paid $10 to run a test that would last for around 20 minutes, which is a great way to earn a few extra bucks. 

  1. Customer Service Representative 

Whenever you make a phone call to a company to place an order promoted by a commercial or a catalog, you may be assisted by someone who chose to work at home. Hiring independent workers to deal with product orders and complaints is a huge industry today. 

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