Filipino Values That Every Freelancer Should Possess

Filipino Values That Every Freelancer Should Possess

Filipinos are known for their hospitality and warm nature. Aside from Filipino hospitality, the workforce’s strong service orientation contributes to business expansion. 

Filipinos are well-known for being hard workers who demonstrate resilience, creativity, and resourcefulness in their daily lives. 

These distinctly Filipino characteristics enable them to grow and get recognized from their respective workplaces. 

It is a no-brainer that many foreign companies prefer to outsource in the Philippines and collaborate with Filipino teams to ensure quality work.

As a freelancer, embodying these Filipino values will help you reach success. This article will help you decipher each value and why it is essential in freelancing.


Filipinos are known to be hard workers. No matter what kind of job, how long they are working, and even in a place far away from their families, they will keep working to feed their families. 

Filipinos tend to concentrate hard on completing the daily to-do list with quality. When they are preoccupied with work, they sometimes fail to notice when it is time to break or clock out. Thus, even though they are weary and exhausted, they continue to do the work they began. 

Filipinos take pride in being able to complete the tasks assigned to them. Most Filipino workers enjoy their jobs, especially since they know they require making a living. Filipinos are more than willing to do whatever it takes to excel at their jobs. 


Employees in the Philippines not only work hard, but they also strive to be the best at what they do. You can rely on Filipino outsourced workers to wake up excited to face another day at work. 

Also known for their optimism, Filipinos perform exceptionally well since they have an inner drive to be more than average. They are always looking for the best. And they will not accept anything less. When they are enthusiastic about something, they pursue it.

Outsourcing companies look for this trait the most when looking for top talent because they believe it encompasses all other work ethics and will help with productivity goals. 

Outsourcing service providers want to provide their clients with value-for-money BPO services, which is one of the keys to doing so.

Strong Connection to Western Culture

While keeping a solid Asian identity, Filipinos have a deep connection with Western culture. Because of the country’s lengthy history with both Oriental and Western cultures, Filipinos are accustomed to a wide range of cultures.

Daily, Filipinos connect with tourists and foreign professionals. They are also no strangers to outsourcing. As a result, they have no trouble speaking effectively in a cross-cultural situation: Filipinos’ inherent open-mindedness and cultural sensitivity. 

Thus, enabling them to form harmonious relationships with people from various walks of life.


Filipinos have the adaptability and resourcefulness required in the job. When an unforeseen issue arises, they improvise and provide a solution to the problem. Thus, ensuring the process and quality of work are not compromised.

The Filipinos’ innovative thinking, adaptability, and quickness contribute to more long-term and lasting solutions. They do not only solve the problems at hand; they make sure that they don’t happen again. Or, at the very least, notice prevention early on. 

While faced with constraints, resourcefulness reveals itself in inventive and out-of-the-box thinking when generating solutions, enhancing the value of their work.


Since the day they learned to say their first words, Filipinos have been taught to be respectful. Of course, when speaking with foreigners, Filipino sales reps will not say “po” or “opo” on the phone or in person. 

But you can detect respect in the way they speak with sincerity, provide compliments, and attentively listen to what you are saying or asking. With the help of the Filipino workforce, most outsourcing companies have developed a brand that values and respects their clients.


Outsourced workers from the Philippines will not waste time. They would rather spend every waking moment doing something related to their job. They can rise to any challenge and make sound decisions, which is essential for any role. This trait encourages people to go above and beyond what is expected of them in a given situation. Thus, they can achieve a better outcome.

They are also known for being ready and willing to assist coworkers for everyone on the team to complete all their tasks. Employees in the Philippines would never abandon coworkers in need. Filipino employees go above and beyond their duties to get the job done regardless of their assigned position.


Filipinos are recognized for their ability to adapt to any circumstance while remaining calm. While it is impossible to have perfect control over any situation, Filipinos rise to the occasion by maintaining their composure, understanding problems as best they can, and responding appropriately.

In the same way as freelancing virtual assistants do their day-to-day tasks. They keep their cool and get the job done, no matter how many tasks they have on their plate or how toxic their boss is. It’s almost as if Filipinos are born with the ability to achieve a high level of client satisfaction.


As mentioned earlier, Filipinos are naturally resilient and adaptable. Filipino employees can easily adjust to changing shifts, allowing them to work during work hours in different time zones. They are also highly trainable, allowing them to quickly and effectively adapt to new tasks and job specifications.

Strong Determination

Filipinos have a natural desire to learn and grow and improve in the job. Filipinos have the drive to excel in life and the tenacity to triumph in the face of adversity. Filipinos are not afraid to take risks, even learning new skills or expanding their knowledge set. Filipinos will rise again and again, no matter how many typhoons, earthquakes, or recessions there are. 

Jack Of All Trades

Filipino outsourced workers can do it all: from responding to email inquiries and creating beautiful images to writing articles and encoding data. Multitasking is in the blood of Filipinos. This trait is due to the Filipinos’ ability to adapt, learn quickly, and absorb as much information as possible from their education, the media, and experiences. It is no surprise that many entrepreneurs worldwide hire freelancers in the Philippines to help them with various tasks.

Team player

In Filipino culture, there is a concept known as “Bayanihan,” which refers to people united to help one another achieve a common goal. This concept can be seen in many aspects of Philippine life. In a workplace, it assists a colleague as a team and completes a task together, lessening workload and making the job easier. 


The characteristics listed above explain why top firms, companies, and organizations from all over the world hire freelancers in the Philippines. Filipinos bring a lot to the table, adding to the output of a company and propelling it to greater heights of success. Thus, the quality of their work is recognized on a global scale.

These characteristics will assist you in becoming a successful freelancer. Having the right attitude will never let you down, whether you are new to freelancing or want to achieve a specific goal. Working as a freelancer necessitates deliberate effort. 

There will be many ups and downs, and you will need a solid foundation to get through it all. Learning how to strengthen these qualities within yourself will undoubtedly propel you to the top of your game. 

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