How to Kickstart Your Career in Graphic Design?

How to Kickstart Your Career in Graphic Design

Suppose you consider yourself someone who has an eye for design and a passion for creating beautiful and striking pieces. Then this article is good news for you! 

Graphic designer jobs are growing in demand. 

People who own businesses seek the services of graphic designers to help create visual identities for their brands. Websites, logos, brochures, and business cards are all in the hands of graphic designers. 

Competition in this field can be pretty tough since many creatives will be on the lookout for the best work opportunity possible. Thankfully, these job sites offer guidance for those eager to find reliable and accessible job posts that fit their preferences. 

Whether you’re a freelancer or working full-time, you can easily link with FiverrDesignhilland Peopleperhour. These platforms are bridges for graphic designers and prospective clients. 

With this type of service, freelancers can easily find graphic design jobs with just one quick browse. Clients can also find graphic designers that fall under their budget, saving a lot of effort and time. 

The platforms themselves ensure that freelancers meet the deadlines and that each project is monitored efficiently. 

The Pros of Utilizing Freelance Job Sites 

Freelance sites are not the only places where businesses can post graphic designer jobs, but they provide an upper hand for those who like to freelance. 

What makes freelance sites so appealing is that it provides freelancers easy access to numerous client prospects. 

There are tons of graphic designer jobs that are incredibly accessible to many. 

The majority of these online sites can also serve as instant portfolios. Making a costly portfolio site is no longer needed. You can upload your latest works to showcase. 

Hesitant about your pay flow? These sites make sure that you will be paid accordingly and on time. 

How to obtain graphic designer jobs? 

You have what it takes to become a competent graphic designer, but you may want to work remotely or would like to carry on with your position as a full-time employee while being a freelancer on the side. 

If that’s the case, many sites are there to ensure that they get bookings regularly. 

Not so fast, though! 

Before rushing to sign up for an account on these sites, keep in mind that these sites won’t lead you to lucrative graphic designer jobs right away. You have to follow these steps to be noticed by clients and expand your network as a graphic designer.  

1. Set up a portfolio.

Clients examine graphic designers’ portfolios to see if certain styles and work are in line with the type of projects they are offering. That’s why it’s crucial to have your portfolio uploaded on the site that you like to let potential clients know that you are the right fit. 

Provide samples of your design under as many categories as possible for higher chances of booking graphic designer jobs. You can also share mock-ups on your portfolio if you’re new to the industry. 

2. Create accounts on freelance sites.

Registering your account will get you to receive notifications and job alerts. You have to be open to including your credentials and details on these sites. It’s also essential to create rates for your services. Remember that clients hire designers depending on their price range and preferred modes of payment. 

3. Continually apply for jobs. 

After the registration process within freelance sites, don’t get too comfortable by just staying stagnant. You have to actively search for jobs as often as possible to come across more chances of a good job offer. 

4. Use social media as a tool for promotion. 

One of the best mediums to attract an audience is by using social media as a place where you can share your portfolio loud and proud. Keep it updated and post regularly to have more eyes on your account. This tactic is also an excellent way to meet other contemporaries in your field. Building connections might lead you to reasonable job offers. 

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Places Where You Can Find Graphic Designer Jobs Online


Freelancer is a portal where you can connect to various websites locally and internationally. The site’s portal lets people bid on different types of work by freelancers. These bids are up for renewal every month. 

Graphic designers must share their educational and professional backgrounds to be part of this site. Adding your portfolio is also necessary.

Freelancer is one of the most sought-after sites for jobhunters from far broad vouch. Business owners regularly provide design briefs on this platform. This site is even more remarkable because it is incredibly user-friendly and easy to figure out. Here, you can have the opportunity to create websites, packages, logos, business cards, and so much more. 


This job platform helps connect companies and job seekers on a global scale. Through a bidding process here, freelancers can get graphic designer jobs. Clients can show their job requirements which jobseekers will receive as a notification in their inbox. 


Designhill has made a name for itself because of the distinct way they run its system. The website was created with graphic designer jobs in mind. The people behind this portal also offer guidance to freelancers. 

Designers in this portal must make their profiles and make their portfolios available. DesignHill consultants assess and approve submissions made by the applicants. 

After approval, the designers can now become team members. 

The website also holds numerous contests wherein freelancers have the option to submit work instructed by clients. These submissions go through a selection process by the clients themselves and whoever wins gets to be paid. 

Designhill also provides a display of a list of tinier tasks to do. PayPal and Payoneer are the usual modes people get paid on this platform. 


Fiverr is one of those marketplaces that serve as a bridge between service providers and projects. Freelancers can add tasks that can be featured on the platform and on social media posts. 

This portal offers clients different types of services to choose from. Clients can easily reach out to their designer of choice. 

Clients will also post project requirements, which can then be up for bidding. Graphic designers on this portal need to maintain good ratings to ensure a high success rate in booking graphic designer jobs. 

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Guru categorizes freelancers based on their portfolio, qualifications, and skill test results. The portal requires designers to provide their portfolios to make them easily accessible to clients. A variety of membership plans are provided, up for a subscription. Subscribing to one increases your chances of winning bids. 

Members can take the skills test for free. They are also given more bidding offers for graphic designer jobs. Finished projects are paid regularly after the clients themselves approve them. 


Behance is one of the well-known sites that creatives tend to scroll through when on a job hunt. There are many graphic design jobs available here. 

Different graphic designers all come to this site to display their best work. 

It’s easy to build bridges here. The platform also has an impressive job board that is easy to navigate when looking for job opportunities, even on a global scale which is a great way to land a job. 

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