Best Careers for Remote Work

Best Careers for Remote Work

Are you dreaming of a fun career that grants you access to explore the world? Look no, no further! We crafted a helpful list of the best jobs for remote work to get your employment groove back.

Online Marketing 

Getting into online marketing is considered one of the best careers for remote work for a reason since most digital nomads opt to have this as a work option. This type of work is ideal for modern nomads since it is in demand and easy to learn. 

Nowadays, most, if not all, companies need websites that use marketing to operate. Popular blogs have thoughtful and thorough strategies for SEO. This job requires a lot of creativity and a knack for creating content. Landing a work opportunity is not difficult, and it is easy to get the hang of. 

There are numerous accessible resources to learn about the fundamentals of this type of marketing; to top it all, they’re free too. Hopping on creating a blog will give you a headstart in making your presence in social media known so you can showcase your talents to targeted clients. 

Customer Support

Starting a career in customer support is an excellent option for job seekers since it is deemed as one of the best careers for remote work. This line of work requires a small amount of contact with the people you’re working with. 

A lot of companies use this to their advantage and look for people far and wide. Employers seek individuals who have a good grasp of the English language, have the talent to work independently, and have the technical knowledge to operate everyday administrative tasks like data tracking and simple computer software.

This career is incredible because of how flexible it is. A significant sum of industries need help from customer support, and often, coming from various time zones can be a massive perk for customers. Lastly, the pay is incredible, which is good news for your wallet.  

All it takes to thrive in this career is a good computer setup with a reliable wifi connection. Being part of customer support also requires you to utilize chat and call software, so if you’re tech-savvy and have a natural knack for customer service, this job is definitely for you!


Doing accounting tasks can appear dull for most people; hence many business owners opt to outsource these to experts. Recent technological innovations made it possible for the work of accountants to be done practically anywhere. 

As long as you have a handy computer with you, you can record transactions and maintain the business’ books. Particular areas such as international tax preparation and small business also heavily rely on the work of an accountant. 

This job path is an excellent option for digital nomads who are inclined to do traditional types of work while engaging in an adventurous lifestyle. The opportunities would be bountiful because many businesses learn the ropes around new technological advancements and lean towards outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping tasks. 

In addition, there is also a big chance to endorse yourself to other digital nomads who are on the lookout for someone who can help iron out their business and personal finances. To become an accountant, one must obtain a certification and bachelor’s degree.

Virtual Assistant

Nowadays, many small business owners seek the services of virtual assistants since running a business requires a lot of intricate, tedious details. With the availability of many project management tools, many of these business tasks can now be done online or remotely.

No wonder being a virtual assistant is considered as of the most popular jobs for remote work. Virtual assistants can find themselves doing secretarial work such as organizing websites, technical work, and booking appointments. 

One digital nomad who enjoys traveling cross-country in the United States whenever she has the chance is employed as a virtual assistant in a Chicago-based small company that designs shoes. She takes notes during conference calls, handles appointments in calendars, creates emails for clients, and keeps a keen eye on shipment and inventory.

With love for fashion and design, she began her job search on Craigslist for the company that suits her flexible lifestyle. All she needed was reliable pocket wifi and a willing heart for the job. She never looked back since then. 

If you consider yourself as an organized person who also wants to get a taste of the digital nomad lifestyle, then consider dipping your toes into the world of virtual assistance. Job security can also be quite flexible since it offers contracts on a short-term basis and even works permanently for certain employers, depending on your interests and unique skill set. 


One of the most common and best careers for remote work is teaching English. Not only is it an excellent way to earn extra cash, but it also gives you the freedom to travel. 

Gone are the days where teaching was only confined inside the four corners of the classroom. With the advancement in this new digital era, teaching has started making waves online. For digital nomads who have a passion for education, they can score gigs as online tutors and course and curriculum builders.

There is even one digital nomad who currently resides in Japan. She has lived in beautiful countries like France, Vietnam, and Argentina. Being a fluent speaker in French, English, and Spanish, she offers her tutoring services online with the help of Skype. 

Thanks to several platforms that help language teachers, she was able to grow her clientele. This job is extra awesome because it doesn’t require tedious tasks since creating lesson plans is a breeze. Teaching online is also rewarding since you get the chance to connect with many people wherever you are in the world. 

This job is flexible and can offer hundreds of opportunities. It’s not only limited to teaching average subjects like science, literature, math, and English. Whatever you were good at in school, you can teach it online. A lot of tutors and teachers seek work opportunities through agencies that mesh well with them. All you need is a quick search from Google to find thousands. 

If you’re not too keen on teaching and instructing, creating curriculums and courses is another option. This kind of work makes you a freelance writer, making college curriculums or learning how to craft your online courses. What makes this option extra great is that it can be a chance to earn passive income. 


Writing blogs is a great way to flex your writing muscles. People who enjoy the benefits of traveling and writing can become a writer or editor while in transit since types of gigs can be categorized as among the best careers for remote work. 

Technical writers are paid handsomely, especially those who can write manuals, instructions, and reports comfortably. On the other hand, copywriting requires a more persuasive tone, ideal for writers who see themselves as part of the marketing team. 

Publishing your work as an ebook is a good option for writers who’d rather have passive income. SEO writing might be for you to earn extra cash with your written outputs since it’s a booming industry worth billions. 

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