How to Begin Your Career as a Copywriter?

How to begin your career as a copywriter

Are you wondering how you can start your career as a copywriter in the Philippines? You’ve come to the right place. 

This article will give you an introduction to things related to copywriting. We will define copywriting and what makes it a good career option. 

In addition, we will also give you some handy resources and tools you can use when creating the quality business copy. 

What exactly is copywriting?

Before we begin, let’s have an overview of what defines copywriting. 

In essence, copywriting is the language used in business to attract consumers. It is the process of creating persuasive content for marketing and sales purposes

Copywriting encompasses the creation of words seen on websites, flyers, and product packaging. You can read copy on sales pages, advertisements, landing pages, business cards, newsletters, billboards, video scripts, and many more. 

Anywhere you go, you can see a business that displays some copywriting. With copy, companies can convey what they have for prospective clients and customers. 

At the start, copywriting can sometimes seem like a part of marketing. But as you go along, the larger its scope gets. Tenured copywriters realize how a lot comes into play when copywriting is involved. 

Copywriting isn’t about just looking for catchy things to say for the following marketing promos. There is a science to it and a whole lot of creativity. 

Keep in mind that companies hire copywriters to sell and entice. Copywriters must be able to meet targets and know how to attract customers and capture an audience. 

As you go along your career as a copywriter, you can break down and grasp the correct writing process that has been proven to work as a charm for decades. Copywriters from the previous generation swear by it too. 

What does it take to be a copywriter? 

There is no need for formal training to become a copywriter. Although some courses can help, it is optional. 

A background in writing, from whatever training or experience it may be, can be enough. A knack for storytelling can already be a jumpstart. 

Often, copywriters have backgrounds in journalism, communications, or English. But you can come from other professions or skill sets to become a copywriter in the Philippines. 

Also, not all writers can become good copywriters. One can identify an effective copywriter from a bad one by examining how one conveys their written message clearly and concisely. 

To be good at copywriting means you must communicate your ideas succinctly as possible without leaving any important details out. 

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Steps to become a copywriter

To successfully enter the copywriting field, one must do the following:

1. Know how to compose effective Calls-to-Action or CTAs

Copywriters are employed to make businesses better and thrive. Employers and business owners expect copywriters to deliver quality work and prove that they can entice customers and put the company in good light. 

A call-to-action (CTA) is how businesses essentially communicate to invite customers. It refers to writing that suggests to its audience or readers the next step they must take. CTAs can be instructions to buy a product or subscribe to a service. It could be newsletter subscriptions, landing page openings, product purchases, etc. 

Composing a concise and impactful CTA is among the most fundamental skills a copywriter should acquire. 

2. Learn how to compose captivating headlines

If the reader can’t resonate or be captivated by your headline, the reader won’t be able to click on what you’ve written, no matter how impactful your landing page or article may be. 

3. Know how to write to assist readers in aiming for the goals 

Writing long-worded articles is still appealing to this day. Many readers still patronize lengthy articles, books, and online resources. And these readers can become prospective customers or buyers since they would take their time to read each sentence. 

More often than not, most people who chance upon a company’s site, blog, or landing page aren’t there to read every word. Audiences nowadays want to take the most out of written material without wasting too much time. 

People gravitate towards skimming, which means online copywriters must be able to make their copy skim-worthy. It is for this reason that headlines must be engaging from the get-go. 

Making your headlines stand out will surely lure in more people. Giving readers the information they need for the least amount of time is ideal. 

4. You must know the difference between features and benefits. 

A copywriter must have a deep knowledge of what customers want. Copywriters in the Philippines should know the difference between features and benefits since these concepts often need to be clarified or intertwined. 

You must know how to write copies for readers to understand what the products and services do and why they should matter to the reader. To make a sale, a copywriter must successfully highlight a product’s or service’s benefits to catch readers’ attention.

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5. You must be inquisitive. 

Any copywriter needs to do a lot of research on a particular topic. 

To become a successful copywriter, one must know the audience and what they enjoy reading. Being innately curious and driven to learn new information can complement your career in this industry. 

6. You need to have good communication skills. 

Good communication skills will help you understand others better and be understood in return. How you convey your thoughts and ideas can mold how people perceive you. People will become much more drawn to you if you have a good writing voice and communication skills. 

Your work will seem like something other than work because communication is the heart of being a copywriter. To become an effective communicator, you must have a good listening ear. It would help to capture what your readers want through your speech and writing. 

7. Be aware of why organizations utilize copywriters. 

Knowing the goals and objectives of the company hiring your copywriting services will help you steer your work in the right direction. Understanding these objectives and incorporating this knowledge into how you produce copies will add tremendous value to your services. 

8. Know your brand and learn how to market yourself.

Copywriters need to generate a massive customer following for the brands they promote. As an aspiring copywriter, you need to understand the brand you are promoting to market it in the best way possible. 

Copies must be persuasive enough to become purposeful. Copywriters need to know enough about advertising fundamentals to attract more clients for the products or services they’re promoting. The main focus for beginning copywriters is getting clients. 

And being a knowledgeable marketer means you can also market yourself. You can do the same for others if you get clients through your impressive copywriting.

Cold pitches are among the most effective ways to lure in a potential client. Sending them convincing emails can help secure you a spot in any client’s trust. 

In the email, you must introduce yourself, indicate your services, and how you can help their company. 

Another way to catch a client is through referrals, a tried and tested marketing technique. 

When you’ve accumulated enough experience and confidence, you can simply ask your clients for a written review of your services. You can also ask them if they can refer you to their network as a way to expand yours as well. 

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