Online Jobs You Can Do as a Student

Online Jobs You Can Do as a Student

Dabbling into online jobs is a great way for students to earn extra income while staying in school. It can also set students up for a successful career path, just as long as one is willing to do the work. 

We live in an age where people can conveniently acquire degrees from accredited universities in the comfort of their own homes. The same philosophy applies to earning money. 

One doesn’t have to travel far to make a living these days. Online jobs offer the flexibility that many people crave for their careers. Graduate or not, working from home is a fantastic opportunity to grow your finances. 

We have compiled a list of the best online job options for students who want to get a head start.  

The online jobs mentioned in this list are all worth the effort in the long run since getting hired isn’t easy as pie. It is a great way to pave your career or business path if you’re a student. 

Search Engine Evaluator

Search Engine Evaluator

To update algorithms, major search engines such as Bing and Google are heavily reliant on feedback from their users. These companies can serve customers better through the informative data they collect. 

As a search engine evaluator, you will be tasked to fill out feedback forms. You will also be in charge of letting companies know what they need to improve on. 

You’re there to rate and critique search results that pop up. Evaluators are there to map out what is correct and valuable. 

The assessments you give will have to go under specific guidelines. It’s one of the most tedious online jobs since the things you need to evaluate are pretty lengthy, but they can be straightforward and easier to grasp quickly. 

Freelance Writer

Freelance writers create content catered to a vast market. They are highly in demand right now, especially in the age where social media reigns supreme. 

Companies and even private entities hire writers to help them engage and connect with target customers. 

Quality content equates to a more considerable boost in promotion for whomever you are writing. 

To become a competent freelance writer, you must get yourself familiar with the latest trends in marketing. Constant research about niche topics will help you become well-versed and knowledgeable in your new field. 

Being able to convey various ideas that can penetrate people’s minds is a skill in itself, so if you have a love for the written word, you must be able to hone this skill. 

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Online Tutor

Online Tutor

If you’re not having a hard time in school, consider yourself among the lucky ones. Not everyone can easily breeze through a particular course. 

Getting a good grade time and again was proven to become quite a challenge for most people. But there’s good news. You can get paid to help people out in their academics by simply sharing your knowledge and techniques with them. 

You don’t have to limit yourself to college peers; teaching kids is also a great option. Grade schoolers and high schoolers could also need a helping hand. 

What’s great is that you can now do this conveniently online, making it another opportunity to reach prospective students from other corners of the globe too! 

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Social Media Manager

It’s no secret that most of us are glued to social media each day. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, you name it. If you know your way around an audience or if getting likes and comments come naturally to you, you might want to try your hand at becoming a social media manager. 

In this line of work, you will have to forge a connection with communities for companies using social media. Through conversations that you help initiate, you can influence an audience to buy a product, join an email list, or read various content types. Building brand awareness for companies is what social media managers do best. 

Resume Writer 

You may not be part of the workforce yet, but writing resumes for profit can be one of the online jobs to keep an eye on. Creating resumes may sound so simple, but you’d be surprised that many individuals still have difficulty drafting their resumes. 

You may offer your service to more people if you have a knack for attracting employers with your resume writing skills. By becoming a resume writer, you can help highlight your clients’ good traits and accomplishments to look more enticing to recruiters and potential partners. 

Virtual Recruiter

The task of a recruiter is to post jobs online. They also seek potential employees from various online platforms that cater to people who want to advance their careers. 

As a recruiter, you read through numerous profiles of different individuals who seek employment. They look at resumes that are sent directly to them as a way to pick the best crop of candidates. 

Often, recruiters are the ones who conduct initial interviews. After sifting through capable candidates, they will send the information to hiring managers to continue the screening process. 

Recruiters used to report to work on-site, but nowadays, one can quickly fulfill a virtual recruiter’s tasks from home thanks to technological advancements. 


A transcriptionist’s job involves listening to audio recordings. Afterward, one will convert these audio recordings into written documents. As such, one must be able to type extremely fast. 

The task requires you to have loads of patience. You must also be able to maintain extreme accuracy. If you have good attention to detail, this online job is just for you. 

Transcriptionists can get paid by the hour, which is already a pretty sweet deal if you’re still a student. 

Data Entry 

Data entry professionals are in charge of entering information through documentation systems and databases. It is an ideal online job that is straight to the point and isn’t so tedious. 

You will utilize simple programs such as Excel or Microsoft Word. Some data entry professionals even find themselves cleansing data, the act of removing invalid data from specific databases. 

However, some data entry jobs are a bit more complex than others. Medical coding is a kind of data entry that will need you to translate medical jargon into other types of codes. This type of data entry requires specialization in a field. 

Data entry is ideal if you’re looking for a part-time or full-time gig. This line of work only requires you to know using basic programs. You can start work based on your schedule. 

Be an Online Influencer

Those who would like to share what they are passionate about will find delight in knowing that they can make money by simply sharing what they love the most. 

By starting a blog, vlog, or podcast, you can reach an audience that can resonate with your content. Making your presence known on social media networks can also give you a boost in engagements. 

It could take a certain amount of time to reach a considerable following, but if sharing huge pieces of yourself to others online is easy for you, then it won’t be much trouble. 

A bigger audience means a bigger chance of selling your services to them. Online influencers can earn through product recommendations, sponsorships, and lucrative commissions.  

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