Top 9 Most In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services in 2022

We have ushered into a new era that may have changed the way we work and deliver services. And it seems that there’s no way back to the old and traditional way of office work.

As we deal with post-pandemic work, slowly taking our lives back, the same cannot be said about how we work. The previous lockdowns have led to the adoption of a work-from-home setup, and it seems that many people loved it. 

Our fearless forecast is that the rise of remote work will continue in the coming years. More and more people will choose to work remotely and won’t return to their old office work. 

Through my research and involvement in the outsourcing industry, I am listing the top 10 most in-demand virtual assistant services in 2022.

You may consider one of these services to start your online work journey and gain professional flexibility and financial freedom.

Customer Service

It will remain to be one of the most popular jobs for virtual assistants. No matter what type of industry, businesses would find it crucial to keep their customers happy to thrive and grow. 

Customer service is very time-consuming. If you’re a growing business, you will no longer have time to deal with your customers as you’ll probably be preoccupied with decision-making tasks. As such, outsourcing this service to remote workers would be a great option. 

One of the most common customer service tasks that virtual assistants may provide are: 

  • Dealing with customer inquiries
  • Processing customer orders
  • Managing the shipment of products
  • Coordinating with logistics
  • Keeping records
  • Reply to customer concerns

Administrative support

This service is perhaps the most closely associated with virtual assistants. Administrative tasks were one of the earliest services that virtual assistants were initially hired for. 

These tasks are not highly technical and are pretty much straightforward. However, these admin tasks take a lot of time to complete. As more and more professionals and entrepreneurs live more and more fast-paced lives, the demand for admin virtual assistants keeps growing. 

As an admin support virtual assistant, you can offer email and inbox management, research, drafting templates, and several essential paperwork.

Digital marketing all-rounders

As internet presence becomes more of an essential component to running businesses, digital marketing services have become one of the most popular services available from remote workers and virtual assistants.

A digital marketing virtual assistant needs to have high technical skills and knowledge of more specific programs and applications. As such, this job is on the higher end of the pay scale.

The position includes the following services:

  • Email marketing
  • Creating sales funnels and landing pages
  • Setting up of payment processing
  • Running of social media advertisements
  • Use of website analytics

Graphics design

Graphic designer virtual assistants are still very in demand. It could be to design marketing materials, banners for social media, website design, and create various graphics that can catch the eyes of potential customers. 

This position is a middle to high-skill level position, and more experienced virtual assistants can charge higher rates. The most common requests can be graphic designs for blogs, business websites, social media templates, logos, and photo editing.

SEO Management

A high-level skilled position, SEO management is also one of the most popular remote positions for virtual assistants. It is also one of the highest-paid virtual assistant positions in the freelancing industry. 

SEO or search engine optimization has become an integral component for many businesses relying on their internet presence to get customers. It involves intensive keyword research and weaving these important keywords into existing content to rank high on search engine results.

SEO can be learned along the way. There are various online courses available for newbies. The more detailed aspect of SEO can be discovered while working for existing clients. Virtual assistants with experience proved to be more valuable in this remote work.

Social Media Management

Social media has taken the world by storm, and now everyone you know is there. As such, companies and businesses need to maintain a social media presence.

Exposure in social media about a business’s brand, logo, or activities is no longer an option but a necessity. Maintaining social media accounts and actively posting and keeping followers engaged can be a heavy time-consuming task. 

It is for this reason that social media management zooms to the top of our list. It is a popular remote work position that can be attractive to many social media-savvy individuals.


Businesses need bookkeepers to record business transactions and keep track of the numbers.

If you want to understand how virtual bookkeeping is done, you can read more about it in our comprehensive article: All You Need To Know About Virtual Bookkeeping

As more and more online accounting applications are being made more affordable, bookkeeping is natural to see an increase in remote opportunities. They also come cheaper than hiring internal staff or contracting the services of the local accountant next door.

Digital advertisement management

With the increased use of digital and online advertising by businesses, more and more virtual workers are being hired to work on online and digital advertising. 

A survey said that a bigger share of the advertising budget of many companies is now being spent on digital ads. Businesses have now realized the wonders of targeted advertising and the advantages of running online marketing campaigns backed with actual metrics.

Virtual assistants can manage Facebook advertisements, oversee Google Adwords, or manage boosted content on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter. They usually work hand in hand with digital marketing all-rounders and graphic designers.

Content writing

The best way to gain organic traffic to business websites is still the good old way — producing high-quality and informative content. It is time-consuming and requires a lot of hard work. 

Businesses hire remote workers who can write and produce good quality content at a much faster pace. This content can be found published on blogs that are optimized to rank for important keywords.

Content writers usually work together with SEO managers to determine the keywords to be weaved inside the content. A content writer with SEO experience can be proved to be more valuable and thus, can charge higher rates.

There you go. These are the most in-demand virtual assistant services in 2022.

You can try applying for these jobs as there will be plenty of work opportunities available next year. 

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The VA Reviewer

The VA reviewer is an avid traveler, a licensed accountant, practicing corporate and tax lawyer, and an online entrepreneur. He has leveraged his online job experience and professional qualifications to provide solutions to problems hounding businesses.

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